L'écosystème Blockchain de la région neuchâteloise

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High School of management

In a nutshell

​The High School of management (HEG Arc) is the natural partner for companies in the Jura Arc region, providing applied research projects, mandates, services and continuing education.

The strategic positioning of the HEG Arc is defined around four areas of activity:

The professors-researchers of the HEG Arc analyse different applications of blockchain from a technological, commercial and legal point of view. In particular, the teams work on the development of business models by analysing the new opportunities offered by smart contracts, blockchain infrastructures and the token economy (ico).

Various applied research projects are being carried out in the Ra&D department of the HEG Arc where the use of blockchain is being studied, for example for exploitation within the supply chain, or concerning the economic and legal risks that may arise with the token economy.

The HEG Arc in partnership with the University of Neuchâtel and the Service de l’économie du canton de Neuchâtel is offering a training course for the general public in the field of blockchain technologies.

Field of expertise

#SupplyChain #Blockchain #CyberSecurity #BigData #Management



Head office

Neuchâtel, Espace de l’Europe 11

Year of creation : 2005