L'écosystème Blockchain de la région neuchâteloise

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Denali Sàrl

In a nutshell

Research and development in bitcoin, decentralised financial technology, encryption and distributed resources (Cloud). DENALI’s mission is to help individuals, businesses, institutional and non-institutional investors enter the bitcoin market while maintaining security and privacy. DENALI provides them with the knowledge, procedures and tools to manage their investments safely. DENALI also develops complete bitcoin nodes and virtualized crypto servers.


Field of expertise

  • Implementation and development of software based on bitcoin and its openblockchain;
  • Bitcoin-based timestamping systems (date certain) ;
  • Customized bitcoin configurations for institutional investors;
  • Payment systems for e-commerce based on bitcoin;
  • Training courses, conferences and publications in the areas covered;
  • Implementing security and privacy configurations for distributed enterprise systems;
  • Bitcoin nodes and lightning network nodes ;



Head office

Neuchâtel, Place Numa-Droz
Year of creation: 2019
Registered trademark since: 2011