L'écosystème Blockchain de la région neuchâteloise

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HE-Arc ingénierie

In a nutshell

HE-Arc Engineering serves an industry that is unique in the world, developing directly applicable and applied research, always in direct contact with the regional economic and industrial fabric. Through its training and research, it offers its partners a genuine technological monitoring platform for their innovations and developments.

The strategic positioning of HE-Arc Engineering is defined around four areas of activity:

  • smart & micro-manufacturing,
  • smart sensing & digitalization,
  • watchmaking & industrial luxury,
  • health & medical technologies.

HE-Arc Engineering has expertise in blockchain technologies, such as public, private and permissioned blockchains, crypto-currencies, smart contracts and payment channels. It is active in projects where blockchain is used for supply chain management, industry 4.0, cyber security, Internet of Things, health insurance, token economy, atomic crypto-currency exchanges, intellectual property protection, voting and smart environments, including autonomous machines and vehicles.

HE-Arc Engineering studies blockchains from the perspective of trust, security, integrity, availability, and scalability. Its approach uses cryptography, distributed information systems and network-based trust analysis.

Field of expertise

#Blockchain #Industry4.0 #CyberSecurity #BigData #InternetOfThings



Head office

Neuchâtel, Espace de l’Europe 11

Year of creation : 2005